Pnuma Waypoint Field Test

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Wyoming’s Teton Mountains are among the most lovely and testing spots to chase in North America and turned out to be an impeccable test track for Pnuma’s new Waypoint outfit amid the rifle elk season. I was eager to have the chance to test the new items and nature couldn’t have given the ideal gauntlet of components.

The leftovers of an Asian rainstorm traversed the Pacific Ocean and dumped its fluid freight on the Northwest and in the end onto Southwest Wyoming. Our camp was somewhere down in a national backwoods and well out of cell administration so we needed to depend on climate conjectures that were a few days old. As we mounted our steeds for the move to 10,000 feet we didn’t know whether to expect rain, snow, the wind, or solidifying temperatures. Amusingly, we experienced them all which made for a superb test.


Scott Schultz audits the attributes of the Waypoint line in the connected YouTube video, yet this is what I encountered.

  • Adored the hood-Riding and strolling in 20-30 mph winds, it shielded the cold air from infiltrating my layers and snow from dropping down my back.
  • The knee cushions are superb. Because of the building of the jeans, I had not scraped area from the cushions and really didn’t know I had them until I bowed on a stone. Moreover, when sitting in snow, my knees didn’t get chilly, something that regularly occurs in tree stands or different spots of latency.
  • The texture is delicate and calm, yet broke a constantly blowing wind.
  • The trunk pockets are ideal for fast access to a rangefinder, call, or mobile phone stockpiling.
  • The Waypoint isn’t waterproof, as raingear, yet I sat in the snow for 60 minutes and had no vibe of dampness.
  • The athletic attack of the apparatus makes development simpler, notwithstanding mounting a stallion for a kindred with short legs. In the event that you get a kick out of the chance to build up with under-layers, you might need to arrange a size bigger than typical.

The substance of Pnuma is quality apparatus at a sensible cost. Incidentally, my chasing pal wore a full arrangement of a contender’s rigging that cost twice to such an extent (truly) and he was regularly cool and wet. With the onset of deer and a bear season, you can wager I’ll be wearing Waypoint each time out. Here’s a YouTube record of the considerable number of elements:


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